Shaqllawa View

Embarking on an architectural journey, NAV is crafting the Shaqlawa View residential project in Erbil, Iraq, commissioned by With 11 floors and 87 units, it offers a vibrant living experience, accompanied by a restaurant, cafe, and a bustling shopping center. Construction, initiated in 2022, aims to conclude in 2023, encompassing an expansive 5,300 m2.

LOCATION Iraq, Erbil , shaqlawa
CLIENT bzhik .co
ABOUT PROJECT “Shaqlawa View is a residential project located in Shaqlawa , consisting of 11 floors that can accommodate (87)
Residential unit “
SCOPE it is Not just a engineering marvel at the same time It is a dynamic life center which Contains a lot of colors With finely designed details. The project also includes amenities such as a restaurant and cafe It also includes a shopping center to serve both residents and visitor
SIZE 5300 m2

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